The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it's animals are treated

-Mahatma Ghandi

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's Been Going On At The Little Pet House?!

We've been awfully busy around here this year!!   From fosters to boarders and rescues, here's a little update on the recent goings-on!

We started off the new year with a big foster project. Together with Team Four Paws Dog Rescue, we brought a two-legged dog from an over crowded shelter in Taiwan into The Little Pet House. 

We named the little man Wushi (Mandarin Chinese for 'Fifty'!), and he became an overnight sensation on popular social networking sites! (Check him out on facebook - Wushi The Two Legged Wonder Dog, or check out his YouTube channel, WuTube!)

Wushi quickly adjusted to life in Canada, and was unphased by his disability!

Wushi was fitted for a custom wheelchair at the K9 Wellness Center in Peterborough, ON.

In a few short weeks, thanks to the help of everyone who liked and shared Wushi's pages, photos and videos, we were contacted by a perfect candidate for adopting Wushi. The family came to visit him fro Thunder Bay and at was love at first sight! 

In exactly one month from the day he landed here in Canada in the hopes of finding a Furever Family, Wushi was back on a plane to the very home he wanted - and deserves! 

Check out this photo of Wu in his new Furever Home with his new fur-brothers! 

We are so so happy for Wushi, and having him in our lives for the brief period he was here taught us so much about the courage and resilience of these amazing animals! Good luck in your new home, Wu!!!

This month, we received a phone call about a couple of dogs in need. Two lovely, healthy and trained Shi-Poos were at risk of being euthanized because their owner could no longer care for them. Racing against the clock, we picked these two up immediately

Millie and Murphy are now in the care of the wonderful folks at Speaking Of Dogs Rescue. They have been brought up to date on vet care and vaccines, and are seeking a Furever home together! Please check out Speaking Of Dogs at
for more info on the rescue, seminars, gift baskets, and  available dogs including Millie and Murphy!

We are STILL offering grooming services out of Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital, and here is a photo of a before and after transformation:

Please call today to find out how to book your pet for grooming! 

We've also been taking advantage of the beautiful snow and we recently did some off roading!



Monday, 17 December 2012

We still have space for boarding over the holidays!!

We know all to well how chaotic the holidays can be...and not everyone starts preparing early! We always save a couple of spots for those last-minute boarders. 

If you're still looking for accommodations for your pet this holiday season, call us TODAY to book your meet-and-greet appointment with us - you won't be disappointed!!

If we don't hear from you - have a safe and happy holiday this year!!!

Merry Christmas, from The Little Pet House!!


The Little Pet House has a new mascot coming!!!

We Have a new mascot coming!!!!

We here at TLPH are ecstatic to announce that we will be fostering a very special dog from Taiwan!
This boy had an unfortunate start to life, but we're bringing him to Canada to change all that. 
He was found wandering the streets of Taiwan with a paralyzed back end. He was taken in by a rescue that is operated by Buddhists in Taiwan. After spending a year in shelter, he was finally taken to a veterinary hospital where a surgery was performed to remove is back legs and tail. 
He is adjusting slowly but surely to his changed body. Upon his arrival in Canada, he will be fitted for a custom wheelchair to help him get around. He is currently doing a fantastic job of shuffling around on his 'stump'! 
This handicap has not slowed this little guy down, nor has it dampened his spirits. We are excited to welcome this inspirational animal to our family as a foster, whom we will love until we find him his furever home here in Canada!

But wait!! There's more!!!
We need YOUR help!!!
As with all of our fosters, we're looking to give this guy a new name (notice we didn't include his current name in the post) for his new start at life. 
Please please email us at and give us your suggestions for a new name for this fellow!!!
We will post plenty of photos to keep you up to date on his arrival (January 5th!!!) and his progress, as we will be doing some swimming (hydrotherapy), acupressure and massage to help his front end build strength. Keep your eyes posted here for updates on his progress!!!

Monday, 24 September 2012

FUNDRAISER!!! Paws For Hope and Faith presents....

The wonderful folks at Paws For Hope And Faith are hosting a very exciting fundraiser, with proceeds to the Toronto Humane Society! 

The event will be held at Whistler's Grille at 995 Broadview Avenue 

On Sunday, October the 13th, 2012
Starting at 7pm

This event is 100% non-profit. Donations of leashes, blankets, toys and food items will also be accepted for the animals at the shelter. 

The event will feature live caricature artist, psychic readings, an art auction, a raffle with great prizes, live music and much, much more! 

Tickets are $15 in advance (available at The Little Pet House or via and $20 at the door



Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Did we mention we have DOGGY POOLS?!?

In addition to indoor games such as hide-and-go-treat, outdoor games such as frisbee or long-range fetch with a chuck-it, we also have a couple of doggy pools in our backyard (one large one and one small one that fits into the small dog outdoor playpen!) for those dogs that just love water! Give us a call today and come on by to check it out!

A highly recommended read!

As a person who submerges them self in a life surrounded by dogs, I found this book to be an asset to my ever growing repertoire of knowledge on the species. Knowing and understanding the history and evolution of dogs, and how we as humans evolved alongside them, has greatly increased my understanding of dogs and assisted in my ability to work with and live with them. Order online or find this at your local bookstore - you won't be able to put it down!

'Dogs are invented creatures -- invented by humans, who have been shaping the lives of these four-legged companions for more than 14,000 years. However, we often forget that, just as dogs live in our world, we live in theirs. The Modern Dog is a look at our co evolution, interpreting both canine and human points of view, by Dr. Stanley Coren, the most consistently popular author of dog books ever. A fascinating treasure trove of information gleaned from science, folklore, religious writing, tradition, and politics, The Modern Dog explores not only how dogs behave, but also how we share our lives with our dogs. Much more a romp than a formal exposition, The Modern Dog's profiles and tales are funny, sweet, quirky, and reveal a lot about both species and our centuries-long partnership.
This book will show you how the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and dogs might very well be the reason why early Homo sapiens evolved and survived while Neanderthals became extinct. You will see how dogs have played many prominent roles in human history, from ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh Ramses II was buried with the names and statues of four of his dogs, to modern American politics, where many U.S. presidents have derived comfort from canine companionship. Our modern dog is quite different from the dogs that existed even a century ago, its job having changed dramatically from the hunting, herding, retrieving, and guarding for which many were bred. In this book, you will see that it is often how people respond to and interpret the actions of dogs (and dog owners) that has a greater effect on the dog's life than the behavior patterns that have been programmed into the dog's genes. The Modern Dog will show you how some of your dog's strange and funny habits are his own and some come from you.'

Monday, 11 June 2012

Social Hierarchy

We found this interesting article that examines inter-species social hierarchy. It highlights some very accurate points, however we here at TLPH believe, advocate for and practice a Nothing In Life Is Free philosophy. Read the article at